Assignment 6


Dear furry friends,

Life among giants means confusing emotional masks.

Jils brought me to the animal clinic today for a check up. It was fun because I got to meet other animals. We were talking to each other. Our humans didn’t hear us.

One of the most memorable animals I met was Rose, a ginger tabby cat. She was old and gentle, and very very sick. She was in a lot of pain. I was so scared and sad for her, but she told me not to be, because she was going to be freed soon – the doctors were going to end the pain for her forever. I don’t know what that means, but I am worried for her. Her humans were this old couple. Jils made friends with them and they talked about Rose. The old couple looked really sad, their eyes were red like Jils when she cries. But the strange thing was…they were trying to smile. They kept rubbing their eyes. Why? They were clearly sad because Rose was sick, but they kept trying to hide their emotions. Why? Continue reading


Assignment 5


Dear furry friends,

Life Among Giants means the hustling and bustling of busy life.

My humans are always running around. Not in the way that we bunnies do. We run around for fun and pleasure (unless we’re getting chased by predators, then we run for our lives. Literally). But Jils (my human) and her family are always running around frantically. Even when they come home at night, they’re never truly relaxed. They are always typing away on their gadgets, or talking about their work or school life. Man, what a human life. I am glad I’m a pet bunny and I get to lounge around, snacking on hay all day everyday. But here’s my version of Jil’s typical day: Continue reading

Assignment 4


Dear furry friends,

Life Among Giants means confusing costumes.

As I mentioned in my last post, humans celebrate everything. And today they are celebrating the dead…by dressing up in costumes. If I were to dress up I’d go as a hurricane, because hurricanes scare the furballs out of me. Yesterday (Hurricane Sandy’s reign of terror) was a literal nightmare in my life. And isn’t that what Halloween is supposed to be about? Fear?

Anyway, Jils went as the least scary thing that ever existed – a bunny. And she didn’t even look anything remotely like me. Continue reading

Assignment 3


Dear furry friends,

Life among giants means celebrating everything

I have been living with Jils for about 4 months now. And so far, I have witness the humans celebrate:

  • Canada Day

    More loud noises from the humans

  • Jils’ Birthday

    View of Jils’ cake as I tried to hop into it

  • Jils’ Sister’s Birthday
  • Jil’s Mom’s Birthday
  • Labour Day (they all stayed home so it was extra loud in the house that day)
  • Mooncake Festival

Yesterday I heard Jils talking about celebrating Halloween. Another celebration? Hmm. Curious, I went on Jils’ computer and researched it and…

Humans celebrate dead people…by dressing up in costumes. Continue reading

Assignment 2

Dear furry friends,

Life among giants mean loud noises. All the time.

The worse thing (besides finding my own poop in my hay) is being woken up by a hairdryer.

Today I woke up to the roar of Jils drying her hair. It was 7 o’clock in the morning. I spilled my water bottle yesterday and I had no problem letting my fur air dry. I don’t understand why she needs to do that 😦 She not only gets more precious sleepy time, but also save me many hairdryer induced nightmares (today I was being chased by a lawnmower driven by Rabbit from the Winnie the Pooh cartoons I love). To us small animals, even the slightest noises sound like horrible cacophonies of whining demons. But you have remember that to humans, this constant ratchet is second nature to them. Continue reading

Assignment 1

Dear furry friends,

Life among humans means dealing with really confusing mood swings.

Jils is really upset today. She is crying and watching the telly about a big ship sinking and lots of humans dying.

I try to snuggle to comfort her, but she nudges me away.

“Not right now bun-face, I’m wearing shorts,” she says.

I don’t understand why. She usually loves my cuddles. I watch her for a bit. I love my human but she’s been really grumpy these few days. I dunno why. Humans are so weird. One day they are all happy and excitable, then grumpy and depressed the next. It’s so complicated. I poop on the floor. I try to cover it up so Jils won’t be mad, but she notices anyway. I hop away and watch from a distance as she cleans it. She doesn’t seem too mad but keeps mumbling something about having tummy cramps. Maybe that’s why she’s in such a grim mood. Continue reading