Assignment 3

Dear furry friends,

Life among giants means celebrating everything

I have been living with Jils for about 4 months now. And so far, I have witness the humans celebrate:

  • Canada Day

    More loud noises from the humans

  • Jils’ Birthday

    View of Jils’ cake as I tried to hop into it

  • Jils’ Sister’s Birthday
  • Jil’s Mom’s Birthday
  • Labour Day (they all stayed home so it was extra loud in the house that day)
  • Mooncake Festival

Yesterday I heard Jils talking about celebrating Halloween. Another celebration? Hmm. Curious, I went on Jils’ computer and researched it and…

Humans celebrate dead people…by dressing up in costumes.

I wondered what Jils was going to dress up as but now I wish I didn’t.

This is what she is dressing up as:

Me on steroids

I am excited.

At first, I was perplexed as to why they need to celebrate absolutely every little thing. But now I realize that it does make life happier 🙂

There are so many sad things happening in the world today (I know because I watch the telly a lot), and I am coming to really like that humans spruce every little exciting event up because it really does make life easier to go through.

There are 365 days in a year. That is a long, long time. For me, my days are really easy to get through, because I am excited for my food and snacks everyday. And every time I get my snack, I am excited to eat it. After that, I am excited for my next feeding and play times. For me, every day is super new and exciting. That’s how I get through my days so easily. I guess humans need that too. They need exciting things to look forward for to bridge their long years.

Also, because humans are so easily excitable, they will try to get you involved in their festive celebrations. It usually involves uncomfortable little costumes or bows for us, but sometimes we also get holiday treats! It’s really exciting. I got a piece of celebratory bok choy for Jils’ birthday.

Jils just came home. She is really excited about a Christmas bow she bought me.

Wait, isn’t it Halloween next week?

Why is she already talking about another holiday?


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