Assignment 5

Dear furry friends,

Life Among Giants means the hustling and bustling of busy life.

My humans are always running around. Not in the way that we bunnies do. We run around for fun and pleasure (unless we’re getting chased by predators, then we run for our lives. Literally). But Jils (my human) and her family are always running around frantically. Even when they come home at night, they’re never truly relaxed. They are always typing away on their gadgets, or talking about their work or school life. Man, what a human life. I am glad I’m a pet bunny and I get to lounge around, snacking on hay all day everyday. But here’s my version of Jil’s typical day:

9 A.M.: I wake up to Jils rushing down to feed me. She usually has a mug of steaming hot chocolate in one hand, and her school bag in the other. Her mom always yells at her to eat a proper breakfast while Jils feeds and pets me. Then she grabs a granola bar from the pantry and rushes off to school. I watch as the rest of her family rush off one by one. I proceed to eat the food Jils left for me, and then continue sleeping.

4 P.M.: I am usually running around my cage, trying to look for any remnants of food when Jils returns home. But her hectic rushing is not over yet. She usually comes check on me if she can spare some time, but usually she just yells “Hi Joey babyy” to me from afar as she rushes to take a shower and grab a quick lunch. Within half an hour, she’s out the door again – this time off to work.

10 P.M.: Jils is finally home for real. She usually takes a shower and has her dinner before coming to check on me. Even when she plays with me, she usually has her electronic gadgets with her. She’s always typing and typing. It’s the same for her family. The humans in the house are always working on homework, or making phone calls or preparing food.

I have never seen Jils truly relax. I feel so sad for my humans. And all the other giants. I wonder how it feels like, not being able to run around when you feel like or nap in the hay for as long as you wish. Once, she fell asleep while playing with me. And she wasn’t even asleep for 10 minutes when her cellphone started reading. It was her boss calling her into work because some other human was sick and Jils had to cover his shift.

Why are humans always running around? It’s as if there is a predator chasing them around all the time. I think that’s what it is. Because Jils and her family are always talking about attending school and going to work because they need to survive. It’s like they are running around to survive 24/7. That must be scary. I can’t imagine having to run and run from eagles every day. I’d be exhausted. I have a new found respect for wild rabbits. They live like the giants. Always running and planning, never truly resting because anything could happen in the big bad world.

Anyway, living with humans means that you will have to see them always rushing around, always leaving the house. But it will make you appreciate downtime with them more. I am so glad every time Jils makes time to feed me and play with me, no matter how brief it is.


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