Hi! My name is Joey. I am a bunny, dark knight, competitive eater and pet. My giant human is called JiLien. (Her name is a mouthful so I just call her Jils). She rescued me from my violent bullying siblings 2 months ago, when I was still a baby bunny. Now I live among giants.

My giant and I

As a bunny living in a human household, life among the giants is complicated. There are so many of their quirks and habits that I have to get used to, even though I don’t understand them. Don’t get me wrong. I love my human and I love living here. It’s just a behemoth change and there are a lot to get used to. Humans are so confusing!

Not food

So I secretly created this blog to chronicle my confusing new experiences and also to serve as a guide for fellow bunnies (hamsters, dogs, cats, lizards welcome too) planning to live with humans on exactly what to expect.

Welcome to Life Among Giants.

I hope Jils never finds this.


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